Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Weekly/monthly/whenever I think about it link roundup

I keep forgetting to do these blasted link round up things, but I want to because this is an easy way for me to keep things in one place where I can easily flip back and find them.  Plus, if anyone's interested, I'd like to share the things that have caught my eye.  Heck, even if you're not interested, here ya go.

This Writer's Prayer is perfect for Nanowrimo.

Lots of great tips for your kids about Preventing Temper Tantrums in Parents (I understand a little more than I'd like).

I adore these mats.  Although, I think I could probably come up with something similar (and much cheaper) on my own.  I'd love to use that somewhere in the baby's room when we move.

I've seen the gorgeous (and expensive) felt playhouse card table covers, but here's a no-sew one you an make yourself.  I would LOVE to try this.

This made my day:

Funny Food Photos - Starbucks Costume

This artwork is so pretty.  I love the colors and the message is fantastic.
I just wish I had thought of it (and done it) first.  I love coffee, I love frappacinos, I love cute kids and I love making unique costumes.

Yesterday, I mourned the anniversary of Krystallnacht.  My husband's grandmother's synagogue in Germany was destroyed during Krystallnacht.  It's a Catholic church today and bears this plaque:

This video is phenomenal:

I recently discovered Rosy Designs on Etsy (and added a few pieces to the kids' wishlists.  I love the simple and sweet art.  Some of my favorites include Super Heroes, "I love you" notecard, Bonjour notecard and the Love is in the Air print.  

As I mentioned, I'm all about the coffee, so this cracked me up

funny pictures-De-Caff?

I'm dying to try this Asparagus Potato Brunch Frittata, just with fresh or frozen vegetables instead of canned and minus the pig corpse.

I think this Fail Blog entry must have really been submitted by Captain Obvious.

This blog entry from Rachel Coleman (of Signing Time fame) about her oldest daughter who was placed for adoption made me cry happy tears.

I've been robbed!  The goat rodeo went as three blind mice and the farmer's wife for Purim this past year.  I, however, didn't submit it to Inhabitots.  This lovely family, however, did.

This embroidered long top is gorgeous!

This gorgeous artwork speaks to me on so many levels.  I'm going to order it for myself.

Webside Story is far too accurate and very funny, particularly to those of us who performed West Side Story in high school.

This guy on Lamebook refuses to argue with his unborn child via Facebook.  That's probably pretty sound policy.

Attack of the Redneck Mommy told me while Television and Tampons Are A Bad Mix and I couldn't stop laughing.

I couldn't stop watching this lolcat. It amused me to no end.
funny pictures of cats with captions

Liz Phair is still standing 6'1" and now I adore her even more.

Julie at A Little Pregnant does it again.  This time, it's an entry called "Baby Face" about Facebook, infertility and the original 90210.

Happy birthday to Neil Gaiman today.  He was animated and featured on Arthur recently.  You can watch it here.

I listened to this song a bit.  It always reminds me of my husband.

These two photographs spoke to me.

And lastly, a friend shared this with me Pretty Poetry Slam.  I think that's a fantastic note on which to end this installment of the roundup.

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