Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thankful: Parents' Night Out

All this month, people are posting something each day that they're thankful for.  Today, I feel compelled to follow suit.

On November 20, I am thankful for Parents' Night Out.  Our synagogue youth group hosts a few throughout the year.  Tonight was one such night.  The big three got to play with friends, make crafts, watch a movie and eat snacks.  I got to chat with a friend and eat yummy pizza (which is usually too expensive to share with little people).  I had a great time.  We spent all 3 hours chatting and eating and chatting some more.

We've been ready to move for so long, but it's things like this which give me pause.  I LOVE our congregation.  I love that we have such great friends there and that there's such a fantastic youth program.   I love how at home we feel there.  I love my friends too.  I love that when I have a night out, I can find friends to sit and chat with for three hours.

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