Friday, November 12, 2010

On the 9th day of randomness...

Okay, so it's not actually the 9th day.  I suck at following directions, so I'm just filling these in whenever I can (or when I have no other blog ideas and need something to post about for Nanoblogmo).

Day 9 of the Randomness asks about something I've done recently of which I'm proud.

I'm probably proudest of the fact that I'm actually following through with Nanowrimo.  The only day I missed was last Friday and that's only because the wee-est of the wee ones was sick and then it was sunset and Shabbat means no writing.

Even with that day without writing, I still managed to catch up and average just about enough words for the month so far.

Last night, I sickness fairy beat me senseless and I went to bed early without writing.  I couldn't sleep, though, so after an hour in bed, I got up and decided to write anyway.

I keep telling my friends that I haven't written any fiction at all in years (most of my writing tends to be articles about breastfeeding, birth, and joy/wonder/horror/hilarity that is parenting).  The last piece of fiction I wrote was a short story nearly five years ago.  I've NEVER tackled a novel (even if it is a young adult one.  Fear not,  though, no mormon vampires anywhere near this YA novel).  During this month, I've not only worked on this novel, but I've gotten two other story ideas as well.  I'm floored by that.

So that's where my pride lies as of late:  I committed to Nanowrimo for the first time and I'm actually following through.

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