Friday, November 8, 2013

Halloween 2013

This Halloween involved MUCH less work for me than last year (TARDIS and Weeping Angel from scratch, anyone?).  

Don't let that scowl fool you.
She was thrilled with how it turned out.
This year, my oldest made her own Padame costume. She found a graduation robe at a thrift store, used a red felt Xmas tree skirt, black duct tape, cereal boxes, wrapping paper, and a witches hat (for the head piece). 

She did it all herself and I think she looked great.

My son raided the costume box and opted to be Darth Vader. My youngest then decided to be Princess Leia. Problem is, we tossed the Leia costume last year after it got stained and she hates the wig. 

So we busted out socks and made sock buns with her own hair. She wore her white turtleneck under her sister's long white shirt. Plus leggings and boots. Voila: Princess Leia. 

 Middle daughter initially wanted to be Elizabeth Bennet, but later opted for Supergirl. She wore red leggings, boots, her superman shirt, another red Xmas skirt for a cape, and the yellow belt from a Superman costume we got on clearance a few years back.

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