Monday, October 29, 2012

Weeping Angel Wings

In a bit of a panic last month, I told my kids that they needed to come up with their own costumes because I didn't think I'd have the time or energy to make something for them.

So of course I've spent the past 2 days creating these Weeping Angel wings:

My oldest daughter wanted to be a Weeping Angel.  She found the perfect grey fabric at the thrift store and agreed to do much of the work on the costume herself.  So I agreed.  

In fairness, she has done a lot of the work.  She sewed the seam in the dress herself (by hand).  She helped paint the shadows and highlights on the dress and she helped me out a little bit with the wings (I had to do most of the wings myself just because I'm like that). 

She actually helped a lot with the wing prep, but I had to scrap our original plan at the last minute.  She helped me cut out and paint foam "feathers" to look like stone, but when applied, they made the wings too heavy.  So I had to do much of this at the last minute.  

I'm going to do her makeup.  She can't wait for Halloween.  Honestly, I can't either.  

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  1. Those angel wings are absolutely gorgeous! You and your daughter are very talented! I bet she was flooded with complements on Halloween!


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