Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Out Of the Mouths of Babes

you talk too much

Oh the things my children say!  Here's just a small sampling of things they've said recently.

In the car, my son said,

"I'm glad I'm not three anymore.  I was obnoxious when I was three.  I'm not obnoxious anymore.  Now I'm only a little bit annoying."  He paused and added, "No.  I'm just joking.  I'm not annoying at all."

Upon realizing that it was lunch time and I hadn't yet had coffee, I made that announcement.  E then asked, "And you survived?"

Same child told her brother (who tried insisting the plastic wrench was a phone), "No, I will not use a plastic wrench to talk to Daddy.  That is not a way to communicate.  Well, maybe in your world."

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