Wednesday, November 3, 2010

On the 7th day of randomness, your blogger gave to thee,

a picture of someone or something that has the most impact on me.

Oh, this is a rough one.

I could post photos of my family.  My husband and kids are probably the people who have the most impact on me.  I think that's a given, though.  That's to be expected.

So I'm going to go with this:

Tikkun Olam is the concept of repairing the world.  We're all expected to work together to bring about improvements.  That idea that change IS possible through cooperation and concern for each other is a huge driving force for me.  It guides much of what I do and what I believe.  

I couldn't post this photo directly (well, I could, but not in an ethical fashion) because it's not available for sharing, but I love the photo and the explanation.  True, it's specifically about the magazine, but I like the description.

I also liked this photo "Fragments/Tikkun Olam" and this as well, "Tikkun Olam," but both restricted sharing.

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