Monday, November 8, 2010

Thankful Ebay Didn't Let Me Sell My Kids

Today, I'm thankful for bigger kids who are willing to get out of bed to help care for a younger sibling who has a fever and refuses to be put down.

I called to E to ask her to get the thermometer.  Not only did she do that, she stayed up for an hour helping with the clingy baby.

When I realized I hadn't eaten at all that day, E even put the baby in her lap and read to her so I could quickly boil some water which I then added to a dehydrated excuse for a meal.

Some days, they make me wish Ebay would make an exemption to their "You can't sell your kids here," rule, but then something like this happens and I'm full of pride, hugs and kisses (albeit, not a lot of sleep or food).

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