Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Oh hell! I forgot all about the Linky Roundup yet again.

I haven't done a link roundup in months.  So much for that goal of doing it weekly.

I'm going to attempt to play catch up, but this may take a while.  I'm just going to shove them all in here.  Feel free to follow along.

This Valentine is oh so funny.

I saw this today and had to share. It made me laugh.
epic win photos - Mr. Tea WIN

I'm dying to make this dress-up clothes wardrobe out of a box.  We'll have enough after the move to make one once we get to a new place.

$10 from any flower order on this page goes towards the March of Dimes.

This song by Jenny Owne Youngs has been on repeat at my house lately

This link about fonts/typeface cracked me up.

This showed up in my feed thanks to a friend and I had to share.  We had a round of ThunderSnowSleet last week (which prompted a number of "Thunder cat" references from my friends on FB).

These Feathery Owl Balls are adorable.

Shalom Sesame now has a YouTube channel.

I strongly disagree with this woman's conclusion.  Why I'm Passionate About Education.  I disagree with her on both points.  I do NOT believe a Classical or Christian education is the best for all or even most children.

All breastfeeding mothers should save the link to the Infant Risk Center.  Despite what many doctors and pharmacists may tell you, the vast majority of medications are safe for the breastfeeding mother.  Visit that link to check on the safety of a specific medication.  Dr. Thomas Hale is the foremost authority on medications and breastmilk.  Yes, he DOES know more than your doctor or your pharmacist.

The Lil' Vader VW ad is stirring a great discussion on gender.  FTR, I believe, based on what we're shown in the commercial, that Lil' Vader is supposed to be a girl.

Now that my youngest is potty training, I can ditch the diaper bag once and for all.  Now I'm on the hunt for a new handbag.  While these two ad Mod Cloth are beyond my budget, I love them anyway; Traveling Translator Tote and the Traveling Translator Satchel.

I love this Fairy Parade 3 Panel Wall Art for the new place.

This website is oddly hypnotizing.  Move your mouse around and see what happens.  Keep going.  It just keeps changing.

It's important to note the title of this lolcat entry; "Aifink Momma Needz a Drink..."
Funny Pictures - Cyoot Kittens
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

I love these library posters on Flickr.

I suddenly had to urge to go find this blast from past.  I'm so glad YouTube exists.

An amazing, though clearly little-known, scientific fact: We get more snow storms in warm years!  I've been seeing quite a few comments mocking global warming since we have gotten snow.  That link explains things quite well for anyone who is confused.

I want this A Latte A Day kit.

Stories About Girls: Picture Books   There are a number of books there I want to find for my kids.

I've never seen this show, but I appreciated the discussion on "The Talk" about breastfeeding laws.  FTR, when my twins were in the NICU and I pumped, my pump said, "Hoover Dam."

Republicans Vote To Repeal Obama-Backed Bill That Would Destroy Asteroid Headed For Earth   I love the Onion.

We've had a bit of snow, so I loved these alternatives to snowmen.  Thanks Ohhdeedoh.  The snow melted before I could finish my snow Totoro.

I've been playing this song quite a bit lately. It reminds me so much of my husband.

"We can always look back on what we did,
always memory of you and me, baby.
Right now it's you and me forever girl.
You know we could do better than
anything that we did.
You know that you and me
we could do anything"

Why It Matters
That entry explains why it's so important to make sure kids are safe in appropriate car seats.

I labeled this entry at DYAC, "The breakfast of midwives."

The Redneck Mommy wrote about Long Distance Marriages.

The guy on YouTube signing with his daughter.  I love the song and their YouTube video and I love their story even more.  Everyone in my house has been singing, "Home," constantly lately thanks to their viral video.

I discovered Nan Lawson Illustration on etsy where I fell in love with The Boy Who Lived (on blue) and A Couple Of Mugs In Love.

I love love LOVE this "Family" photograph on Flickr.  Look through her pictures.  This is one stunningly gorgeous family.

I Want To Be Reincarnated As A Weatherman

Jake Shimabukuro plays "Bohemian Rhapsody" on the ukulele.

I am now on the hunt for a foam playmat that I could paint thanks to the fantastic idea in this post.  I love this idea.

This "Refill Required" t-shirt suits me quite well.

I adore this "Shoe Loves You" print from the boopsiedaisy etsy shop.

This entry from The Customer Is Not Always Right is my favorite one ever; Love A Jedi Shall Know.

Funny Mummy: Battle Hymn of the Lager Mom – Why Chardonnay Moms Are Superior

I love this archive of breastfeeding related Baby Blues comics.

I'm not a big fan of the Keep Calm meme floating around, but this Harry Potter/library themed one is perfect.  I seriously want that in poster-size so I can hang it on the wall.

We may have a meshugenah chihuhua rather than a truly dangerous dog, but I still want this sign.

Oh Failbook!

I love giraffes and herd the goat rodeo, so of course I want this shirt and I want one for each of my children.

This is certainly a different approach to Facebook privacy.

On Happy Meals and marketing.
"So, if advertising to young children is inherently deceptive, and deceptive advertising is illegal under federal law and in most states, how is it even happening? And doesn't this mean that not just food, but all marketing to young children is currently illegal? I get this question a lot. The answer is yes. "

I want these Metro Marvel Comic Wall Murals.

I want to try to make these wire bird nests.

My son loves ties, so I really want to make this simple Tie Rack for him.

Since our house is on the market and we're looking to buy a new one, I can truly appreciate these 5 of the Funniest Real Estate Listings of 2010.

This blog entry on cruelty really got my attention.  I'm often astounded by the amount of cruelty I see in comment threads.  This has lead me to insist that comment threads are where common sense and humanity go to die.

Why I Need To Quit Facebook

Bill Maher: When Will Obscenely Rich A**holes Stop Crying About Taxes?

This recipe for cake pops makes them seem a lot easier than I expected.

A template for every awful Facebook discussion you've ever witnessed

With a Mother-in-Law Like This, Who Needs Enemies?

The original article had the most gorgeous nursing photo (featured here as well) and this article makes fantastic points about NIP and the uproar in the original comment section (again, see my point about comment sections and humanity): Supermodel Miranda Kerr Breastfeeding Photo Haters, Read This

La Leche League GB’s response to the article reported in the British Medical Journal, January2011

Nursing in public isn’t just convenient — it’s a holy act

How academic physicians turn into drug company shills

This entry at Etiquette Hell broke my heart: Dad Crippled By His Own Selfishness.

AP advocate Mayim Bialik is the newest TODAY mom blogger.

I Was Homeschooled: What it Taught Me That a Classroom Never Could

I love this one from When Parents Text.

These 7 Playdough recipes could prove very useful for those who are snowed-in.

These photos of Chernobyl 25 years later are absolutely amazing.

This photo accurately sums up motherhood, particularly life with twins.

You can get 10 free photo postcards.

I love this Upcycled Vintage Baby Buggy. I'd love a chance to try to make one, but I'll have to wait until we move.

This entry from Just West of Crunchy is a real eye-opener: Similac: Fox in the Nurses’ Hen House

If Your Mom Wrote Movie Titles

This post made me laugh so hard and reminded me that I'm not alone: My Two-Year-Old Is An Evil Genius.

I must share this, if for no other reason, than the fact that it includes the phrase, "Playing nude musical chairs with Skynet." Dear Public Toilets Of the World

Here's an ecard from me for everyone in the whole wide world.

Scary Mommy writes about making a blog into a book.

These photographs are heartbreaking and gorgeous all at once.  The East Side library made me gasp.

I love this idea for a finger print pendant craft at A girl and a glue gun.

This polymer clay family portrait is adorable.

This Starbucks inspired necklace is calling my name.

Quite possibly the sweetest proposal ever.

You can't top puppies.

I want to make these adorable fabric flowers.

How About Orange shares some adorable tutorials.

I want this shirt for my son.

This quotation on children and patience says it all.

I love Charlie and Lola's doll house.

The Year Kenny Loggins Ruined Christmas. It's not my holiday, but that was my hysterical laughter you may have heard.

Oh so cute!
cute baby animals - Lint Owlets

I want this Joy Print from Arian Armstrong's etsy shop.

This house diorama idea is so neat. I want to make one.

This about sums it up:
demotivational posters - DON'T DOUBT ME

This is an accurate depiction of some of my days:
Funny Gifs - Kitten Slide

Dr. Oz's cauliflower pizza sounds intriguing.

I love these Morfs Brand shirts, but I can make something similar for much less.

You can build your own cute miniature village.  This is another link that might be useful for those snowed-in.

I'm still undecided about how to decorate once we move, but I LOVE this nursery.  I'm saving it for possible inspiration for the toddler.

This blog article about the members of the Macabeats and their "Candlelight" video is funny as can be.  FTR, Teddy Bear gets my vote, but I also have a soft spot for both Ginger Jews (she only mentions one, but there are actually two) and the opening Jew.

This recycled book page bird is SO cute.  I want to make a bunch and hang them all over my youngest's room (and mine too).

Vintage Strawberry Shortcake paper dolls

Ever since I saw this idea, I've been looking for broken wooden puzzles to use to make room decorations.

Thanks to awesome friends, I discovered Reasoning With Vampires.  If you love the English language and detest the Twilight series, you MUST read that website.  

And on the topic of English, there's this. I miss Sifyl and Ollie.

Make a Batman felt mat for anyone who loves super heros.

This Baked Pumpkin French Toast looks delicious.

My youngest loves her dolls and loves playing with doll accessories.  I'm hoping we can have this doll crib made for her when we move.

I love this paper sparrow mobile and I think I can do something similar with paint samples.

And finally, there we have it.  This concludes the insanely long collection of links I've collected, but forgot to share.  Now they are shared and life, as I know it, can return to normal.

Thank you and good night.

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