Monday, February 28, 2011

Girl Scout Cookies Renew My Faith In Humanity

and not only because Samoas are so freaking delicious.

Did you know Girl Scout cookies are kosher?  Did you know my big girls are Girl Scouts? Did you know that you can buy Girl Scout cookies from them?  Well, now my entire neighborhood knows.

Today, they set up a table in our yard and danced and paraded about on the corner as advertising.  They wore their sashes and jumped up and down while screaming, "Buy Girl Scout Cookies," while holding a skirt as a pom pom in one hand and a box of Thin Mints in the other.

Everyone got in on the action.  The baby held a box of cookies and jumped up and down yelling, "Cookies.  Cookies."  My son paraded up and down the street with a tutu on his head yelling, "Girl Scout Cookies."  A number of people told us they stopped because they saw him and he was just too cute.  So when cars passed, he frowned and said, "They didn't stop.  They must not think I'm cute."  Oy vey, that boy!

At Hebrew school, he charged into all the teacher's rooms and implored them to buy cookies.  He then told me repeatedly that he wants to be a Girl Scout too.  Oh hun, I don't think so, but you sure do make a great salesman.  

The big girls did a great job and they had a lot of business.  I was super impressed.  When a middle school girl walked home across the street, the kids yelled to her to buy cookies.  I explained that kids might not have the money to buy cookies, but wouldn't you know it, she stopped home and then came right to our house with her wallet and was the kids' first customer.  The UPS guy delivered the girls new L.L. Bean backpacks (on which I got a FANTASTIC deal) and then bought a box of cookies.  An EMT stopped and gave the kids a $6.50 tip.  I was actually surprised by how many people donated extra money.  The girls had a ton of sales in just an hour.  They were so proud of themselves.  I am too.  I'm also thrilled with everyone who came out.  I never dreamed they'd have as many customers as they did.

This has lit a spark in my kids.  Now they want to be out there all the time.  Tomorrow, they're selling at the local Hillel then they're coming home to open shop back up on the lawn once more.

Why yes, my son DOES have a tutu on his head.

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  1. MMMMMmmmmmm.... Girl Scout Cookies. Where do I find your yard again? ;)

    It must be so cool to see the kids at an age where they can start participating in commerce. I'm sure they're hugely proud of their accomplishment, and I'm a big 'ol fan of that right now! Made. Of. Win.


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