Friday, July 29, 2011

te goat rodeo and te case of te missing letters

do yo notice someting missing?  does tis post ave a certain, "je ne sais qoi?"  Maybe it's more like, "Je ne sais qoi in te world yo're trying to say."

earlier tis week, kids spilled water on my keyboard.  My entire first two rows don't work along wit a few letters and nearly all pnctation.  

It's an expensive wireless Mac keyboard, so we can't jst pick a replacement p at te trift store.  I oped it wold dry ot and save me sixty dollars on a new one, bt anyone wo tries to read tis disaster realizes tose letters and nmbers appear to ave taken a permanent vacation.

O yes, tis is te glamoros life of a blogger.  

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  1. It's okay - reading your posts is like reading some of the papers I get from the kids at school with their creative spelling and horrible handwriting! :-) -Sash


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