Friday, July 1, 2011

Things I Love (day after) Thursday: Magic, Creativity and My Kids

I'm a day late, but I'm still hopping on the Things I Love Thursday train at The Diaper Diaries.

I'm missing my girls something awful this week.  This is the first time I've been away from them this long and it's the first time they've been completely without either one of their parents.   I know they're having a blast and they were absolutely ready for camp.  I, however, am adjusting.  

Since we've been busy working on other rooms in the house, we haven't even begun work on the girls' room.  Our goal is to have it finished by the time they come home from camp.  

I have a number of different pictures, posters, and quotations saved on Pinterest as inspiration for ones to make for their room.  While unpacking, I found our large canvases (that I found on sale at Michael's last year super cheap) and headed to my board for an idea.  This one spoke to me the most.  And so, I created that canvas up there.  

It's not perfect.  I see lots of little things I would change if I hadn't rushed into it.  Still, I like it. It's far more sparkly than it appears in this shot.  The background paint and the paper used for the letters is the same paper I used to decorate their night stand (that's another post for another day).  

I'm going to hang it in their room if we ever when we finish it.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE this!!!! Your girls should love this!

    Thanks for visiting me at Imitation by Design! I'll be following you for some fun new crafting ideas!


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