Friday, July 15, 2011

And Ode to Harry Potter

We LOVE Harry Potter here at Chez Goat Rodeo.

Our Harry Potter Purim was the best Purim ever.

We plan to decorate our basement to look like Hogwarts (I kid you not).

I even scrapped about the final book.

My middle daughter knows every single little detail about these books.  Seriously, it's scary. It has gotten to the point where I'll say, "Well, I thought I remembered X, but she's saying, 'Y," and it's her after all, so I'll go with Y."

One of her camp counselors last year posted a status update about how he was never going to argue with his campers about Harry Potter again.  I replied asking, "What did my daughter do now?"  Sure enough, she had argued with him and SHE WAS RIGHT.

She's read all the books at least 3 times each.

Our Chihuahua's nickname is "Dobby Dog."

My children commonly run around the house shouting spells at each other.

Yet, through all that, we never even considered going to the movie premier early this morning.  #1.  We have the rule that you must read the book before you see the movie.  My oldest has yet to read the 7th book.  So she couldn't come with her twin sister to see the movie.  I wouldn't leave her behind and only take one.  #2. While I was a night owl back in the day and still stay up pretty late now, the thought of having to give up those few hours of sleep--precious wonderful gorgeous sleep, was not something I could stand (most especially because the youngest has decided sleep is for the weak, or more precisely, not for me, over the past few nights).

So, we didn't go.  I noticed a number of my friends complaining that they, too, weren't able to go last night.  So we're banding together and forming our own little group scattered all over the country, where we go next Saturday night instead.  That should give the oldest time to finish the final book (please, G-d!).

I've never been a huge fan of the movies, but still, this is the absolute end.  This is it.  It's over.  I'm both looking forward to it and dreading it all the same.

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  1. Your kids and my kids could be friends! My oldest has read all of the books atleast 4 times through and she has seen all of the movies but not the premiere of the final one.. and they love to run through the house shooting spells too!!
    Also I wanted to let you know that I featured your dresser redo on my blog @
    Hope you stop by and grab your featured button and I am your newest follower!


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