Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Smallest Harry Potter Fans Say the Darnest Things

I've established that we're big fans of Harry Potter in this family.  Yeah, we're THOSE freaks.  

I was so excited to share the Harry Potter books with my daughters when they were old enough.  My husband and I read the first few books to them at bedtime when they were toddlers.  Now they're old enough to read them for themselves and OH BOY do they! At camp, my girls had nicknames:  Fred and George.  The younger of my twins (known as George at camp) has read each book at least 4 times.  She's frighteningly good at quizzes.  I got into Pottermore and she knew the answer to nearly every single quiz question without having to stop and think.  As if this isn't proof enough, we have a dog named Mischief-Managed.

One benefit of Potter-obsesssed older kids is that it trickles down to the younger ones.  This leads to much hilarity.

  • The other day, my 5-year-old son held up an empty paper towel roll and announced, "I'm Voldemort with the elderly wand."

  • ####

  • Yesterday, my oldest daughter and my son played Harry Potter with the youngest (who is 2).  They tried to make her take the roll of George.  She, however, protested, "But I have TWO ears."

  • ####

  • Immediately after that, she declared, "I'm Dobby."  She then began smacking her leg yelling, "Bad Dobby."

  • ####

  • The 2-year-old uses knitting needles as wands and casts spells on us all.

    • The same child sat quietly in the background while her sisters and I laughed until we cried at those unfortunate souls sorted into Hufflepuff.  Later, I caught her announcing, "Once I saw a bird.  I a Hufflepuff."  Let me tell you, there's little else a 2-year-old can say that's quite as funny as "Hufflepuff."*

    • All the kids got long stalks of rhubarb from the neighbor's garden.  Soon after, I had to announce, "Stop using your rhubarb as wands."

    *9/13 update:  Both of my twins have since been sorted into Hufflepuff on Pottermore.  Joke's on them.  My oldest, however, is thrilled because she heard that Jo Rowling was sorted into Hufflepuff.  

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