Sunday, March 6, 2011

Your Life Story In Six Words

I know about this six word memoir concept: you summarize your life in six words.  Today, I saw one where the authors summarized their love lives.

I love that idea (and some of those answers).

I want to try my hand at it, but not only for love lives, but for childhood, friendship, parenting and all sorts of things of the sort.

The problem is, I have no freaking clue where to even begin.  I do my best thinking when allowed to just ramble to myself, so I'll do exactly that now.  Come along for this schlep through the joy and wonder that is my mind.

I can take a stab at the parenting one using my favorite piece of advice to give new parents.  If I was to follow Amy Chuah's lead, I wouldn't title my parenting memoir, Battle Hymn Of The Tiger Mother (which actually works for this as it IS six words).  Mine would be something more along the lines of;

Research Research Research Then Follow Heart

With Each Child, World Begins Anew 

They Need More Than Mere Survival 
I've often had that thought when people say, "I XYZed and my kids survived."

Nothing You Can't Do Without Help

and for humorous books on the topic:

Our Mom Doesn't Need Your Advice

These Boobs Are Made For Squirting

Here's what I have for the six-word summary of my religious views:

I'm G-d's Wrestling Partner Not Cheerleader.  

Justice Justice Shall You Pursue Always
Forgive me for putting words in G-d's mouth.  I had to add a word there to get it up to 6.

Act Justly, Love Mercy, Wrestle G-d 
This is a mix of two religious texts.

Yes, I do so love the idea of wrestling with G-d.  

Again, as for the humor book, maybe something along the lines of:

Never Met Italian Jews?  We exist.
I could trade out Italian with Dutch or Irish as well.  Most people seem to know that French Jews exist, so I could leave that one out.  

As far as my childhood, the first one that pops into my head is related to my teenage years,

Cut It Out! Not that Bad.

Oh yeah, I was a little emo one (before "Emo" was a word).

As far as love life...hmmm...

I find myself scouring song lyrics for this one.

So, I'm opting with

Two of Us Can Do Anything

Hurts Not Much When You're Around

This one right here I think probably sums it up best:

Sacred Simplicity You At My Side

Then there's this:

Sailed Seas.  Met Storm.  Found Harbor

Okay, now enough of the cop outs with song lyrics.  I should think of something completely original.  Shouldn't I?  

Well, you know what?  I've got nothing.  I got up, made myself a snack, refilled my water bottle and brainstormed; but I'm at a complete loss.  I can't blame the kids for this either because they're in bed.  So there's no nagging or whining or banter to distract me.  There, is, however, a complete and utter lack of ideas.

I'm loving that last one.  I think I'd just go with that without the hassle of creating something completely original.

Hmmm...when thinking about my memoir, though, I'm at more than a bit of a loss.  I know, once upon a time, I came up with a few ideas, but, as I've already ranted, life has a way of stomping the hell out of creativity before it has a chance to be preserved.

One thing that popped into my head was this secret which was once featured on Post Secret.  I loved it.  I saved it.  I posted it in my house.  I admit that I've always hoped it was written about me.  I don't actually believe that, but a girl can dream.

So, using that as a jumping off point, I might go with

She's Trying To Save the World

Another one just popped into my head inspired by recent rants.

So Many Ideas Not Enough Time

And here are a few random ones:

I Freaking Love Sleep.  Unrequited Love.

Don't Die Before Seeing the World!

You Forget That I'll Kick You

Like My Dreams Better Than Reality 

There's So Much More To Learn

Chasing the Sparks In the Ocean

I Need Stories More Than Food

I Am The Legacy Of Many 

Short Weird Chick Never Shuts Up.

I'll Make My Own Damn Cape.

Hmmmm....and, perhaps, one inspired by Hemmingway,the man who, arguably, started this all.

For Sale.  Baby Shoes.  Well Worn.  

What say you?  Anyone else care to get in on this?  If you had to write your memoir in six words, what would it be?  If you had to describe your childhood, religious views, parenting, love life, etc. in six words, what would you write?


  1. I sat here for twenty minutes trying. Really, really trying.

    But I can't do it. I'm not sure if I've ever explained anything in less that 1000 words, especially my life. I suck at this.

  2. Life - Comedy. Tragedy. Divinity's private puppet show. (on a bad day)

    - Measured by marks left on hearts

    - A book with pages left unwritten.

    Kids - On duty 365 days, for life.

    - Reward for labor? Baby's first touch.

    - Smiles: The sun. Tantrums: Got earplugs?


    - They never told me it hurt

    - Love; see, one whose touch heals.

    I suck at this, hah. XD

  3. I'm a wordy one, so I completely understand.

    Using song lyrics & reading others helped me out a bit. There were a few, though, that I read and thought, "Oh man! That would have been perfect for me, but someone else beat me to it."

    Kind of funny that someone else's six-word memoir works so well for someone else.


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