Saturday, March 5, 2011

Join me in the confessional

Yeah, I'm Jewish, so I guess the title doesn't work well.  But hey, go ahead and try to make me care.  I wish a priest would join me in the confessional.  That would be freaking fun for the Jew, don't you think?  "A priest and a Jew walk into a confessional..."

I have a confession.

Do you ever watch Jeopardy and answer their questions with, "Who is someone with whom I've never shared coffee," or "Who is someone of which, I have never heard?"  Not only have I wanted to use those answers, I HAVE used those answers, and you know what, Alex?  In damn near every situation, I was FREAKING RIGHT!

Tonight's randomness brought to you by Chocovine which is asstastic, but is both chocolate and wine at the same time.  

Oh and FTR, I no longer have a t.v. on which to watch Jeopardy, but when I did, I kicked ass on that show.  So don't think I'm an idiot.  Go ahead and think I'm buzzed, though.

Asstastic chocolate wine  Wheeeee!

Best Final Jeopardy Category Ever

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