Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Am I a genius for this solution or an idiot for thinking everyone else doesn't already know this?

Little Genius

I think I'm a genius.  Well, I KNOW I'm a genius in general, but I think my response to this situation is particularly brilliant.  When I stop to think about it, though, I have to wonder, "Wait, maybe I'm just an idiot and everyone else is already doing this."

You be the judge.

We have a batch of tea where the bags are particularly weak.  They keep breaking while the tea is brewing.  Today, the entire bag tore to shreds leaving my cup of tea full of floating leaf bits and completely inedible.  

I brainstormed and decided to clear out the coffee pot.  I put in about a cup's worth of water into the machine.  I put the pot in its place (very important or I would have had tea all over the place with the next step).  Then I dumped the cup of tea (leaves and broken bag and all) into the paper filter in the machine.  I then turned the coffee pot on to brew what little water was left.  Now I have tea hot, fresh, completely floating particle-free tea.  

Is that a ground-breaking brilliant solution or is that something everyone else has been doing for years?  

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