Saturday, December 4, 2010

My Kids Rock At This Sibling Stuff
(spelling, not so much).

My oldest daughters invited their brother to a sleepover in their room. Not only that, they made him a (horribly spelled, but very cute) invitation promising him loads of fun and "gost storys."

*Come to our PJ Party.

Time: 6:30
We will tell ghost stories and have so much more fun.

And here we see that he had so very much fun that he's now bundled in his sleeping bag passed out cold on their hard floor even without his pillow (it's actually there--about 3 feet away from him).

Oh, I do so love my kids.  It's stuff like this that prevents me from trying to sell them on Ebay.  


  1. Awwww! You have the SWEETEST kids! I'm still wondering WHERE they get it from...No, I'm just kidding....So obviously from BOTH their parents!! LOL


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