Sunday, October 3, 2010

They're As Different As Night And Day

I'm continuing in my collection of clever, yet cheap (frugal if you're feeling more refined) costumes.

As I've mentioned, I love coordinating costumes.  One year, for Purim, my daughters dressed as Night and Day (actually, they did that for 2 years and I recycled it and improved it the following year when I was hugely pregnant and didn't feel like creating something too time or work intensive.  When I say, "Hugely pregnant," I'm not exaggerating.  See?  That picture was taken at the Purim party.  My daughter was born a few hours later.  I kid you not!  

So I hope you can understand why I went with a costume that was completely free and could be thrown together that day.  

Night was super simple.  She wore her favorite black dress (which I got for $3.24 on clearance at Target the year before) and black tights that we had on hand.  I just rolled scotch tape and taped on yellow paper stars which she cut from construction paper.  She wore a star necklace she had.  I had a star of David plastic ornament in with my crafting supplies, so she grabbed that, put pink tissue paper in it and tied it to her wrist.  I had yellow star-shaped ribbon which I cut and added to her shoes and tied around her wrist as a bracelet.  I had hair gems I bought ages ago, but never used.  They're basically just gems with the firm end of velcro on the back, so that it stuck to her hair.  She also wore a headband with stars on it (which she just grabbed from her closet).  She made her own mask from a paper plate and we glued a stick to it.  

I went into labor at the party and we actually wrote down the times of my contractions on the back of that mask.  And yes, I still have it.  :-)  

close-up of the bling

For Day, we went with lots of bright colors--think sunshine and rainbows.  She wore a dress I made her the year before.  It had lots of grass and flowers (and fairies) on it.  We pinned a blue cloud baby blanket around her shoulders like a cape.  It was pinned on with a butterfly pin that once belonged to her great great aunt.  She wore lots of flowers in her hair and all the flowered jewelry she could find--including my favorite set of my own jewelery (which made her feel oh so special).  She wore rainbow knee socks (which I scored for pennies on after x-mas clearance) and her brightest shoes (croc knock-offs which were $1 on clearance).

The costumes were a huge hit.  They won the costume contest that night and they had a blast.  

Day and Night in a race at the Purim carnival

Those remain, to this day, probably my favorite costumes we've ever done.  You wanna win a costume contest?  Go with these.  

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