Thursday, September 16, 2010

Teshuvah, Tefillanh and Tzedakah


Teshuvah: Repentance (Returning)
Tefillah: Prayer
Tzedakah: Charity

It is only through these that we can honor Yom Kippur to its fullest.

A recent Jewish Treat declared, "At this time of year, tzedakah, charity, is particularly potent to avert an evil decree."

It suddenly occurred to me that Yom Kippur begins TOMORROW evening (imagine a gasp of horror here) and more than a mild panic crept over me.

Tzedakah!  I haven't given nearly enough tzedakah. 

Then I stopped to think about it and calmed myself down.

You see, every single time someone asks for sponsors for a walk/ride/some other fundraiser, I donate.  Whether it's a good friend who asks directly or someone who posts on Facebook that their co-worker's second cousin is doing some sort of walk/race/ride/painting farm animals pink to raise money for a charity, I donate.

I've been there.  We do the March of Dimes March for Babies every year.  We have been touched by the work of one organization and so we walk to support them and help prevent others from knowing the pain we have known.  I understand that, whether it's Prematurity, Diabetes, Cancer, or any other of the long list of illnesses, every one of these people who puts their time, effort money and heart into these fundraisers has been touched directly.  I am so very thankful there are people in the world willing to walk/ride/whatever else to help support these organizations--to help make life better for others.

When I think back to those who I've supported as they walked, biked, shaved their heads, ran, etc., I realize that I am fulfilling the commandment to give.  I also am so very thankful to realize that, even though the destruction and hatred in the world can be heartbreaking, I know so many wonderful people trying to make a difference in the world.  In supporting the causes they hold dear, they help support my faith in humanity.

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