Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cancer and loss

Cancer is taking a friend of mine.

Here I am making plans for a vacation, trying to decide if I want to venture out on the snowy roads, trying to find time to write, bundling kids up to play in the snow, going about my usual routine and a friend of mine is dying.

This is not, by far, my first experience losing someone to cancer.  I've lost grandparents, cousins, aunts, even my brother to cancer.  A number of my friends have lost their mothers to various forms recently.

Still, this shakes me to the core.  Losing others doesn't diminish the loss of this soul.  I really thought she'd beat it.  She and her family have the strength, resources, and the knowledge to do anything and everything possible and they have done just that.

I'm so heartbroken and so sorry for her and her family.

Please daven (pray) for her and her family.

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