Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Goat Rodeo Runs Head-first Into Chaos

This time of the year is so rough.  It's one thing after another.

In this area, schools go back just after Labor Day.  We homeschool, so that doesn't affect us too much, but that's also when dance classes, Hebrew school, Girl Scouts, and other extra-curriculuar activities start back up.

This year, all four of the Goat Rodeo were old enough for some activities and they all had something that caught his/her eye. I am among the least organized folks in the world, but even I went so far as to create a spread sheet to organize which classes were available which days and times.  I even color-coded them by age-range.

When we finally settled on classes/groups, then we had to start shuttling back and forth to them.

Soon after the start of classes came the high holidays.  Just as you start to get back to normal after Rosh Hashanah, a rogue Yom Kippur appears.  So you fast.  It's very effective (Don't be fooled.  I'm not a gamer, but my husband is).  Once Yom Kippur ends, you breathe a hugh sigh of relief (and stuff your face) only to realize Sukkot is just around the corner.  Because the baking of Rosh Hashanah and fasting of Yom Kippur weren't enough, now you need to build a house.  Not just any house, one which meets very specific requirements for what it's made of and where it rests.

Add into all that the fact that writing and computers are forbidden for a good deal of time during the holidays.  What you're left with is very little time for thinking breathing blogging.

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