Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bargain Brag: Old Navy bathing suits

I got 3 brand new girls' bathing suits at Old Navy for a total of $10.22.  That's $3.41 cents per suit.

Was this just another one of those Jedi mind tricks?  Nope.

I caught the Old Navy Groupon for a $20 gift card for $10.  It was only good in store, but that's fine with me because I get much better deals in store, so I very rarely shop Old Navy online.  I had a $5 credit at Groupon, so it only cost me $5 for the $20 gift card.

My daughters tried on a number of suits and we went with three that fit & they liked.  They were all on sale, so my total came to $25.22.  After my Groupon, the bill was $5.22.  That's on top of the $5 I paid in the first place.  So three cute suits for a whopping total of $10.22.

I like Old Navy's bathing suits.  In our experience (which includes day camp and many hours spent in the pool) they hold up well and don't fade (I was royally pissed when a suit I splurged on for the girls faded within the first week of camp).  I wasn't pleased with the fit of the two pieces this year (My daughters wear the tankini type suits and those were much more revealing this year than last.  The bottoms were also MUCH bigger than usual, so the girls didn't have the option of going up a size for more coverage), but the one pieces are great and very cute.  They fit great--very true to size.

The only down-side we encountered was that many of the suits were already out of stock at the store.  Still, we were able to get cute suits and a great price.

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