Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Very Wordy Wordless Wednesday: Great Looks for...

True, this is photograph, but it's a photograph of words. So I bet this is probably the wordiest Wordless Wednesday post ever.

This is what happens when you raise aware kids.

This ad came today from the Children's Place. My kids LOVE the clothes and my oldest daughters plan to go there for their annual birthday clothing shopping spree.

They, however, were not pleased with the fact that the ad separated clothing into, "Great Looks For Him," and "Great Looks For Her."  One of their big concerns is that they liked the cut of the boys' shorts better than the teeny tiny girls' shorts.  My daughters didn't want to be told they couldn't have those simply because the circular declared them "for him."

They complained about that and we talked a bit about their preferences.  I thought we were done, but oh no, we were not.

They worked their editing magic and brought the ad in to me while I was on the computer.  I was thrilled to see what they had done.  They did this to both the girls' section and the boys'.

They did this all on their own with no prompting from me.  And for that, I'm so proud.



  1. They made their point very nicely. Well done.

    Have a terrific WW. :)

  2. Fantastic!! Good for them, and good for you for raising them to not want to wear clothes like pop culture says girls should wear. Girl don't need to wear tiny tiny clothes that leaves their hiney hanging out! My children went to a school that had a guideline for how long the shorts musts be. Well, let me tell ya it was hard to find a pair.

    Good job Momma proud of your kiddo's!

  3. How very cool. Sounds like you're raising great kids.

  4. that is so great and amazing that they took the initiative to do this on their own. fighting injustice already! i love it!


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