Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Sketch

I just discovered Photofunia via a friend (should I love her or hate her for this new addiction?) and here's a photo I created using my very favorite (although old) shot of my youngest. I just love this.

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, August 30, 2010

Made By Me Monday: Quotation Wall Hanging

I was invited to a friend's birthday party recently. Yay! I love parties. Good times with good friends. What's not to love?

Although, after the initial, "Yay party," excitement, I was hit with the realization that I would need a gift for her. Hmmm...what to do? I asked a mutual friends for suggestions and what to my wondering eyes did appear? She responded with a note about how the birthday girl liked handmade things. If you're picturing me leaping up and down and giggling with delight, you're pretty much on target.

I'm a quotation fiend. I LOVE quotations. So, I made use of what was available. I headed to the birthday girl's Facebook page and checked out her list of favorite quotations. Among them, one jumped out at me,

"World Peace can become a reality when every person finds peace in their own heart."

I instantly headed over to the Graphics Fairy in search of images that could work with that. A search for "Heart," didn't help much nor did "World," or "Globe." Hmmm...what other images would work? A search for, "Map," brought up a number of usable options. The map of London worked perfectly. I found man and woman icons and filled them in with the map and then arranged them like paper dolls--hand-in-hand. The back of the guidebook worked well for a background. I can't seem to find it on the site, now, but the flower squares on the lower right corner are also a Graphics Fairy find. I used digital scrapbook finds to fill in the rest.

I ordered a an 8x10 print and then found a frame (although, I also considered mounting it to a wooden plaque or a canvas). I used buttons, gems, beads and paint pens to add some extra dimension. They were added right on the print. I had tiny heart-shaped gems which I glued on to one each of the paper dolls. I thought it would be cute and in keeping with the quotation.

You know that old adage about measuring twice and cutting once? It could also be applied to buying frames (just replace cut with "Buy"). When I tried to display the print in the pretty frame I bought for it, I realized it didn't quite fit. The smallest of the dimensional mattes cut off a portion of the picture and the next one up was too big. Of course, I realized this just hours before the party. So I scoured my stash and found pretty black lace ribbon. I had enough for the side and bottom, so I glued the picture on top of the smallest matte slightly off-center and glued one ribbon alongside and another under it.

Here, you can see the little heart gems on two of the people.

The Graphics Fairy

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Kids Say...

While food shopping today, we had the "good" fortune to have prime viewing spots for a view of the two police officers who chased a teenage boy. He took off through the parking lot. over the grassy hill and down into the moat around the store (not really a moat, but shhhhh, let me have my delusions of grandeur). We lost him after that and it appeared as though the police did as well.

This conversation followed:

L: What did he steal?
Me: I have no idea. How in the world am I supposed to know that?
L: Well, you always say you're psychic.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wordless (day after) Wednesday: It's Not All About the Faces

Living Locurito shared this link from I heart faces and it was just the inspiration I needed.

I really want to step up and blog a bit more, but simply haven't had the inspiration to do so. Well, this changes that. It just so happens that I got quite a few pictures of the kids yesterday that don't involve faces at all.

In one, my (soaking wet) daughter ran up to me and hugged my leg. I took a picture looking down at her little soggy curly pigtails as she hugged me. This is the result:

And thus begins Wordless Wednesday here with the goat rodeo. It's not so wordless and it's not exactly Wednesday, but hey, it's a start.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Linky roundup 8/24

Here are some links that have piqued my interest this past week.

I love Tori Amos and that song is particularly dear to me.

This is indeed a win.
What a great way to propose!

In keeping with the engagement theme,
This is such a fantastic video. They really are a sweet couple.

I came out of the blogging closet this week to my friends and family when I posted a link to my

I posted pictures wherein I marveled over how much the smallest of my preemies had grown.
I ordered mine and shared the link.

Mental Floss is awesome.
Some great information I never knew about Dorothy Parker. She was shorter than me. I don't often get to say that.

I want to make these for the kids' rooms using their product packages and tags.
I saved the super cute box from the Valentine's Day shower curtain I got on clearance at Target and my kids often save the tags from their clothing because they like the designs. This would be a great way to use all of those to decorate their rooms.

I so understand!

Spark is one of my favorite videos of all time.
The audio helps explain many things I've always wondered about.

I played this song over and over again.
Obviously, language warning. The "Poking me" part is my very favorite.

A friend discovered
He is a urologist who performs vasectomies.
"Dr. Richard (Dick) Chopp is well known in the Austin community for performing Vasectomies."
You can't make this stuff up, people.

I like the Graphics Fairy and this one is one of my very favorites.
This is one of those things that makes me say, "Jesus, save me from your followers."
Two great tastes that taste great together: cupcakes and coffee.
I'm drooling just thinking about these.

Yet another thing I'd love to try when we move.

I'm using that pink wall as inspiration for the big girls' room when we move.
How pretty is that! A friend recommended recreating it using lace and spray paint. I think that's a fantastic idea and we'll need to give that a try.

We're planning a vow renewal (traditional Jewish wedding ceremony since we had a secular ceremony when we got married) & I would LOVE to have the guests do this.

That's all for this week. I am, however, the queen of random linkiness. So I'm sure there will be more to share next week. Hopefully, I'll feel compelled to post something more in between linky updates.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Week In Links: 8/10 edition

What's this? Could this be a post unrelated to moving?
Well, what do ya know, it IS.

Once a week, I'm going to try to do a round up of links I found interesting. Take a look and see if you share my interests. Click them all. Glance at them and walk away. Click the ones that sound interesting. It's up to you.

Work sheets, coloring pages, videos, songs, and more
So many kids are going back to school. This is a great resource for those with kids in school, those who homeschool and those who are teachers.

Next in the list of linky goodness is a lolcat. This will be the initiating cat--boldly going where no cat has gone before, this blog. I can annoy assure you, though, that these won't be the last. This, right here, would be me:

funny pictures of cats with captions

Neat idea for using spray paint to give items a whole new look
True, that doll is creepy, but I find her oddly less so when spray painted blue. I think I'll have to use this idea to decorate the kids' room in the new place.

I want that for every one of my kids.

While we're on the topic of funny kid t-shirts, let's add this to the wishlist:
They don't make this big enough for the big 2, but I want one for all the kids.
We have a Chanukah bear which we always jokingly called, "Jew Bear" and I like to insist, "He's Pooh Bear's cousin. You know they're related because they have the same last name."

A touching story of a grandson's love and dedication to his grandfather (and frustration with the despicable things going on with his lack of care)
I was far more interested in the story than the actual mechanics behind how he was able to gain so many fans.

Exactly what the title says

Breastfeeding supporters literally put on a song and dance about breastfeeding.
This is fantastic. I love seeing the families taking part in this who don't look a bit self conscious.

Ani homa. Ta'ali.
A friend posted this article from Aish and I love the message. I often need to be reminded that sometimes, silent support is all that's needed.

This is, quite possibly, one of the best "View In A Rooms" ever.
It is naughty, so you've been warned.

A friend got this song stuck in my head. Now I've repeated the favor. You're welcome.

Some people won't like this, but it is what it is.
I just don't understand why most of the article frames the argument in terms of a personal health decision when earlier, it makes it very clear that it affects others as well as the person smoking.

In the second grade, I spent three months suffering from severe bronchitis. I was on more medications and had more blood tests than I could count. I was miserable. My doctor's notes about the illness say, "Parents are heavy smokers."

I've always liked his cartoons and this one is, once again, too true, but it makes me so sad.

And, on a related note, Jon Stewart had a fantastic rant on the topic wherein, he declares, "I give up."

I must try this.

This little guy is just too cute and too relevant:
funny pictures of cats with captions

Make It : A Wee Wonderfuls World
Contains the pattern for a very cute mermaid.
I'm dying to try out the pattern to see if I can make one. Maybe this is something even my biggest girls could try out.

I found this thanks to Blacktating on Facebook. This is a WIC poster which presents breastfeeding as the norm, not the exception.

"But now, I have successfully shown that I was the best slave."
This relates quite a bit to our reasons for homeschooling.
It can be tricky to find Jewish-themed crafts, so I'm particularly thrilled with this site.

I wouldn't classify this as "Crazy neighbor" at all. In fact, this is what I've been saying for years.

This article broke my heart.

It just made me laugh.

This picture from Awkward Family Pet Photos is far more awesome than awkward.

And thus concludes this week's round up of linky goodness. I hope you found something to peruse.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"One can pay back the loan of gold, but one dies forever in debt to those who are kind." Malayan Proverb

With the impending move, I've been thinking quite a bit about all those people here and all they have done for us. I consider many of them friends. They have gone above and beyond for my family and me.

There are those who have always been near and dear to me. They range from those I knew from the on-base playgroup when our girls were tiny (and who have moved around so much that I've long since lost touch with most of them) to our friends at shul who we're always happy to sit beside during services to those wonderful friends who not only waited with me at the airport when my husband returned from deployments, but were even willing to film the whole teary event, so that I could look back on it years later and still get teary.

Then there are those who only touched my life briefly, but did so in such a profound way that I will never be the same.

I was already thinking of one such person when I saw this article: Heartfelt thanks go to blood donors from the people they saved.

E in the NICU at 3 weeks old.

Our smallest baby had a blood transfusion in the NICU. We wanted to donate our own blood, but there wasn't enough time. So our teeny tiny baby received the blood of some wonderful person who donated. We know we can never find that donor, but somewhere out there in Oklahoma, a hero walks around--a hero who helped us keep the baby I feared we might lose. Yet I'm fairly certain that person has absolutely no idea what a miracle he/she has helped create.

The first time I held L.

When I was in the hospital, there was one fantastic L&D nurse I'll never forget.  She's been on my mind lately. The awful words featured on My OB Said What made me stop and think of the wonderful nurse I had who was the exact opposite of what I read there. I would do anything to properly thank her, but I don't even know who she is.

I know she worked at Integris Baptist in May of 2002. I believe her name was either Casey or Cassie. She had dark brown hair which she wore pulled back in a pony tail. She wore Hello Kitty scrubs. She had a soft spot for moms of preemies.  So, when other nurses relayed that my doctor ordered me confined to my bed (which meant no visiting my babies in the NICU), Cassie/Casey said, "Then we'll wheel her bed down there." She then whispered to me, "Don't worry. You'll see your babies one way or another."  Because of her, I did.  She had a preemie herself.  I may be mistaken because much of that time is a blur, but I  remember her telling me she had a son born at 27 weeks. She understood and she cared.

In the midst of a horrible experience and surrounded by some who didn't seem to care or even understand (my OB was miffed when she came to see me and I was in the NICU with the babies rather than in my room so that I could make her job easier), that nurse sincerely wanted to help and she did in more ways then she'll ever know.

I never got to properly thank her. Before we leave, I would love the chance to do just that and introduce her to the amazing 8-year-olds she helped me get to know as babies.

On their 8th birthday

ETA: You can read more about their early arrival on my post for Prematurity Awareness Day.